Cheese wholesaler - sales of goat's cheese to professionals

Artisanal cheese dairy specializing in the wholesale of raw-milk goat's milk cheeses. offering both cut and pre-packaged cheeses.

Our two ranges of raw-milk goat cheeses:

wholesale artisan cheeses for cheese makers and creamers.

pre-packaged fresh and ripened cheeses for supermarkets.

"The excellence of Bourbonnais cheeses for food professionals.

Cheese wholesaler for professionals

Our cheese dairy perpetuates family know-how to produce top-of-the-range goat cheeses for sale to professionals. Our raw-milk goat cheeses are the fruit of artisanal production, during which particular attention is paid to every stage of production, from milk collection to cheese ripening.

We work with local breeders who share our values and respect our charter of quality excellence.

Supplier of goat cheese

We make a point of placing customer relations at the heart of our concerns. We place great emphasis on customer satisfaction, with rapid, precise responses to inquiries, delivery solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, whether creamery-cheesemakers or supermarkets, and regular order follow-up. We adapt to our customers' logistical constraints and pay particular attention to storage and transport arrangements, to guarantee the texture and organoleptic integrity of our goat cheeses right through to their final destination.


We offer wholesale cheese sales to farmers and creameries for the Fromages Bach range, and to central purchasing agencies for the Ferme du Vernet range of fresh and ripened pre-packaged cheeses. 

Would you like to buy cheese in bulk, or obtain further information on a product or our services? Please do not hesitate contact us.

We provide our customers with a detailed identity sheet for each of our goat cheeses, and are happy to answer any questions they may have.