Fromagerie artisanale, our know-how

At Fromages Bach, every stage of production is guided by a deep respect for tradition, linked to our commitment to impeccable quality. As a result, the goat cheeses produced by our artisanal cheese dairy are the fruit of unique know-how, handed down from generation to generation.

Handcrafted products

Since the beginnings of agriculture and animal husbandry, the main stages of production have remained the same. Our artisan cheese dairy is the guardian of this ancestral know-how, whose tradition we perpetuate by producing top-of-the-range raw-milk goat cheeses.

We master different types of cheese, each with its own manufacturing process.

Lactic pasta :

Bûchettes, Bouquetou, Délice de Vulcain, Palet, Tavelle...

Flavored fresh milk pastes :

Fresh garlic and herbs log, Greek flavour, 5-berry pepper, green olive

Soft cheeses :

Pavé, Roudoux, Tartruffe

Washed-rind soft cheeses :

The Bourbonnais

Blue-veined pasta :

Le Persillé du Vernet

Pressed pasta :

Plain Tomme and Sage Tomme

Melting cheeses:

Le Fondant de Michel


Humidity and temperature must be adapted to each type of cheese for optimal ripening:

- Cellar ripening for Tommes, Persillé and Fondant.
- Maturation in a hâloir for lactic and soft cheeses.

We give our goat cheeses all the care and maturing time they need to develop their full organoleptic potential.

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