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Cheesemaker since 1985 - Family tradition and 100% goat

Manufacturer of goat cheese

Our cheese dairy sells its raw-milk cheeses to professionals.

The expertise of a traditional cheese dairy

Heirs to family know-how, our goat cheeses are the result of artisanal production respecting the unmistakable taste and delicacy typical of goat's cheese.

As artisan cheese-makersevery stage in the production of our cheeses is carried out with care and attention, from milk collection to the maturing of our goat cheeses.

Committed to human relationships, we value proximity with local breeders.These farms share the values of our cheese dairy and are committed to a charter of quality excellence, particularly when it comes to goat feed.

The conditions under which our goats are reared, the quality of their feed and our mastery of artisanal production all combine to make our raw-milk goat's milk cheese one of the finest in the world. raw milk goat cheese a top-of-the-range product with a unique taste.

Our goat cheeses

Soft, white, pressed, uncooked cheese.

Tomme du Vernet is a thick, cylindrical cheese with a bloomy gray rind. Its delicately fruity aroma is accompanied by a hazelnut flavor.

Smooth, white lactic paste.

Bûchette fraîche is a fresh raw-milk cheese. Its taste is light and its texture melts in the mouth. It gives off lactic aromas and a pleasant freshness.

Thin, tender lactic cheese.

Délice de Vulcain is made in Allier, the former province of Bourbonnais. Lightly creamy, Délice de Vulcain develops delicately goaty aromas. 

our prepackaged goat cheeses

Our range includes pre-packaged goat cheesesunder the LA FERME DU VERNET brand.

  • Our lactic cheeses are pre-packaged in wooden trays, shrink-wrapped in micro-perforated film.
  • Our soft cheeses are packaged in paper specially designed to preserve the organoleptic qualities of our goat cheeses.
  • Our fresh and flavored goat cheeses are packed in a protective atmosphere in trays to guarantee ideal preservation.

Our recipe ideas

Goat's cheese turnover with honey

Discover our recipe video for goat's cheese turnover with honey! 

Mini pizza with goat's cheese and pesto

Discover our video recipe for mini pesto goat's cheese pizza for easy preparation for everyone.

Cream of pumpkin soup and fresh goat cheese log

Discover our recipe video for pumpkin velouté and fresh goat's cheese log for a healthy, gourmet meal. 

A 100% goat's cheese

Unique know-how


Because the taste of a product depends first and foremost on the quality of the milk, our goat cheeses are made from raw milk, which preserves all the natural bacterial and microbial flora. This flora is decisive in giving the cheese its authentic taste.

Bach cheeses have been a family affair since 1985! We're an artisanal cheese dairy, committed to the human values of loyalty and respect. 

Our cheeses are sourced locally, with raw goat's milk collected from partner producers and the family farm. 

To ensure the transparency of our processes and the quality of our raw-milk goat's milk cheeses, every stage of production is carried out by hand.