La ferme du Vernet - pre-packed goat cheeses

We specialise in the traditional production of raw-milk goat's milk cheeses, and our range of pre-packaged goat's milk cheeses is marketed under the LA FERME DU VERNET brand, with the aim of offering the best specialities from our cheese-making heritage to supermarkets. 

Discover our selection of fresh, lactic, ultra-fresh and flavored goat cheeses, all carefully packaged to guarantee optimal conservation and preserve the organoleptic qualities of our products.

La ferme du Vernet, pre-packed raw milk goat cheeses

We are an artisan cheese dairy committed to our human values of loyalty and respect. Our local sourcing of raw goat's milk is a key element of our quality approach. We collect our milk from partner producers, committed to strict specifications, as well as from our own family farm.

Aware of the importance of transparency in our manufacturing processes and the impact this can have on the quality of our raw-milk goat cheeses, all stages of production are carefully carried out by hand.


How do we package our pre-packaged goat cheeses? 

Our cheese dairy offers a variety of fresh goat cheeses, marketed under the LA FERME DU VERNET brand. We have taken great care to select the right packaging for each type of product, to ensure the best possible preservation.

Our lactic cheeses are individually packaged in wooden trays and covered with micro-perforated shrink film. This packaging method allows air to circulate while preventing condensation, helping to preserve the freshness and quality of our raw-milk goat cheeses.

For our soft cheeses, we have opted for paper packaging specially designed for goat cheeses. This type of paper allows optimum air circulation while protecting the cheeses from temperature and humidity variations that could alter their flavor and texture.

Finally, for our ultra-fresh cheeses, we use protective atmosphere trays to guarantee ideal preservation. This method prevents oxidation and bacterial proliferation, while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of our products.