Our history

From the cheese-making beginnings of Philippe, to the founding of the artisanal cheese dairy by Emilien and Titouan, Bach Cheese weaves a family history. Combining modernity and tradition, the cheese dairy's roots lie in know-how handed down from generation to generation, enriching and evolving over time.

The dairy now collects raw goat's milk from local producers who adhere to a strict quality charter. This approach enables us to produce top-of-the-range goat's milk cheeses for direct sale to professionals.

Les Fromages Bach also stands for strong values:



The pleasure



The history of Fromages BACH

Early 80s, prelude to Bach Cheeses

Our great-uncle Philippe, a Dominican monk, settled on the domaine de la cure adjacent to the Domaine du Vernet, where the cheese dairy now stands. His wish was to make a spiritual retreat here. He set up a goat farm to produce cheese, and founded a farm inn. 

One of Philippe's friends, a Trappist monk, was looking for an internship for his nephew from Saint-Étienne, then in agricultural training. This nephew was none other than Vincent, our father. It was during this internship that he met Chantal, our mother.

1985: Vincent and Chantal's first goat farm in Charente

Philippe decided to give up his goat's cheese business to be appointed "Père Gardien" of the Grotte de Marie Madeleine at La Sainte Baume. 

Meanwhile, Vincent and Chantal moved to the Charente to raise goats and produce cheese.

1987, goat cheese producers in Le Vernet

Vincent and Chantal return to the Domaine du Vernet to perpetuate the adventure begun by Philippe, the farmhouse production of raw-milk goat cheese, with a herd of 50 Alpine goats.

2009, livestock growth

Their eldest son, Axel, joined them in the dairy business. They invested in the farm, and the herd now numbers 500 Saanen goats, most of whose milk is sold to a dairy.

2014, development of goat cheese production

Their second and third sons, Emilien and Titouan, left their respective sectors to develop the manufacture and marketing of goat cheeses.

2020, creation of an artisan cheese dairy

Emilien and Titouan join forces with the ambition of creating an artisan cheese dairy. Axel's farm becomes a supplier of raw goat's milk. The collection is also developed with other goat farms sharing the same quality values. 

The range of cheeses has been extended to include some thirty references.